Sois Sage by Rais Tuluka

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Sois Sage is the definition of pure science fiction emboldened by a dash of political intrigue. The title is French; it is a phrase French parents say to their children that simply translates to be wise in English. The novel calls all to be wise as complex times and drastic technological shifts approach mankinds horizon. Within the novel, in the very near future, the direction of humanity is manipulated by the will of powerful individuals on a far-off planet. Sois Sage does an excellent job predicting a possible future while connecting the events of a very large cosmos to the life of a young girl named Sage and her little brother Gideon, who both undergo a traumatic experience that ripples through the narrative. Through all the complex makings of a futuristic world, Sois Sage highlights the meaning of pure human connection, laying out powerful messages through the use of vivid and colorful language. It is indeed a ride, one of interconnected narratives crossing through space and time like a boat through easy river water.
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“An amazing first book by the young author”

Five Star Review on Amazon by Amazon Customer

Sois Sage is incredible and speaks volumes to the literary abilities of Rais. An amazing first book by the young author!

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