Song of Earth

by – C.S. Hand (Author)

 A Young Adult Sci Fi Coming-of-Age Novel (Sam and Jade’s Alien Adventures Book 2

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Book Description:

Fix the planet. Save the people. You have six months.

Sam and Jade can’t believe the Visitors have given them this insane, impossible ultimatum–with no instructions!

Sam just wants to enjoy getting to know his new adoptive father and explore his deepening relationship with Jade. Instead, the Visitors have tasked him and Jade with solving an unsolvable problem. And failure spells humanity’s extinction.

The Visitors do provide some “help.” But how can telepathy or music fix the planet? Why are they being dropped into wildfires and coral reefs? And why are all their efforts met with human sabotage? Vandalism. Bombings. Shootings. Someone obviously wants them to fail.

With no clear plan and constant obstacles, they must navigate human aggression and destructiveness, as well as their own doubts. Their ideas may seem hopelessly small, but they can’t give up. They must find a way.

Follow Sam and Jade’s crazy alien adventures in Song of Earth. This wholesome, feel-good, coming-of-age sci fi novel is filled with mystery, suspense, and a bit of romance as two ordinary teens confront moral questions and fight to overcome impossible odds to save their world.

Reviews for the Book

The Song of Earth was a beautiful story in so many ways. Sam had to grow so much, had to face so much inside himself. I was so proud of him by the end for everything he accomplished despite his issues and fears. His relationship with Jade was heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. The situation forced upon them was so unfair, and really tested their bond and their ability to understand and empathize with each other, yet the love between them shone through always. I think that this, plus the great focus on this lovely family by blood and soul, made the book so heartwarming.
The book is not just heart and happiness, though. It's packed with action that kept me turning the pages. I felt the deadline and desperation creep in alongside the characters, felt for them through all the times their efforts were twarted and destroyed. A sense of urgency permeates the book, and that immense, impossible task was ever looming. Save the Earth. Save the people.
For such an impossible mission, and without saying too much, I think the solution was very well done. And the way song and music shone through in the book was beautiful, sometimes even serene. The song of Earth. A song of Life.
I hope you'll enjoy this next installment in the series as much as I did.
- Inghild Økland

About the Author: C.S. Hand

After spending too many years either standing in front of a classroom or writing nonfiction to meet others’ standards, C.S. Hand has returned to her first love–fiction writing. Now, she creates fictional characters and stories to her own specifications. A definite introvert and social misfit, she is happiest at her home in the Midwest, sitting in front of her computer surrounded by pets, while she takes her characters on strange and unbelievable journeys. Her writing is classified as Young Adult Science Fiction, but she hates being bound by categories and reserves the right to create characters of any age and drop them into situations of any kind–the weirder, the better!