In 2016 Songbird was featured in Baer Book Press as the best opening line in a historical romance.
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This is a wonderful read. It’s much more than a “Romance” story. The plot is intriguing with twists and turns, and the characters are interesting and well thought-out. There are some very touching moments that pull at the heartstrings. I was pleasantly surprised and highly recommend.

-- J. Dexter
Book Description:

In March 2019 Songbird: (The Songbird Story – Book One) won a Chill Book Premier Readers’ Award (see comments below).

In 2016 Songbird was featured in Baer Book Press as the best opening line in a historical romance.

Isabelle Asquith has only one ambition in life and that is to become an opera singer. To do this she must attend The Royal Academy of Music in London and become classically trained. Isabelle is a widow and has a young son to support and the fees for the academy are beyond her means as a music teacher. Her only recourse is to apply for the annual scholarship.

In the summer of 1885 after losing the scholarship for a second time and eager to earn more money, she decides to answer an advertisement. This simple act and the meeting of a mysterious man called ‘Karl’ will change her life forever.

In the coming years, Isabelle is destined to discover not only her true potential, but also the lengths she is willing to go to realise her ambition.

Comments from Chill Readers

Wonderful! I thoroughly enjoyed this story. A very intriguing and different plot; not what I
expected at all (especially since Romance is my least favorite genre). There is good rhythm
and flow, and I was very happy that the story was not rushed or too short. The characters
were interesting, and well thought-out. There were many touching and heartfelt moments,
such as the mining accident, and the later dialogue with Isabelle and Angelique. The water
accident with the children and Isabelle was excellent – really moving.
…The only thing I will say that has a negative tone is I think the cover should be more
sophisticated. This book might be overlooked or misinterpreted if seen on a shelf.
Congratulations to Ms Bell!
I look forward to reading another from her. Thank you!

A wonderful book. I loved it so much that as soon as I finished reading it I had to download
the second part “A Tangle of Echoes” which I am reading at the moment.
Such a lovely romantic novel. Good story line and characters.

Julia Bell (Author)
Julia Bell lives in West Yorkshire, England and has two children and five grandchildren. She has been a qualified nurse, training at St James’s Hospital in Leeds and also Darlington Memorial Hospital. She also spent six years working for the Prison Service. When her children were young she successfully completed an Open University degree studying psychology and sociology. She has been a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association for the last four years. As well as writing she loves country walks and travelling abroad (she adores bus stations, railways stations, airports and ferry ports – anyplace where people are on the move). A Pearl Comb for a Lady is her first novel and she has almost finished her second novel Deceit of Angels.
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