Sons of Abraham. J-17’s Trial by Joseph Ray James

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Book Description:


It was a simple mission that could not have gone worse. Agent Nathan Calloway was to meet up with a Cyber partner and take a statement, but a breach in the Cyber’s programming leads to the murder of an esteemed official. Did the half man, half machine act on his own, or is a more sinister plot afoot?
J-17’s Trial is the first in the Son’s of Abraham series. This space opera suspense digs into a conspiracy, hundreds of years in the making. Can we control the technology we made to save mankind, or will we find our place at the top of the evolutionary scale has come to an end?
***‘Sons of Abraham had me hooked from page one!’
By Kathryn Frey***

*** ‘Frighteningly realistic, fascinatingly frightening’ ***
**Note- This is the 3rd edition with improved grammar. Now with 99% less ‘whom’!***
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“Sons of Abraham had me hooked from page one!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Kathryn Frey

Joseph Ray’s Sons of Abraham: J-17s Trial had me hooked from page one. I am an avid reader and have consumed many $0.99 Kindle books in the past, only to be disappointed. Remember the adage that you get what you pay for? In this case, ignore it! I read this book in one sitting, staying up way past my bedtime! Agent Nathan Calloway and his military, Cyber counterpart Joseph, are very believable characters that play their parts with equal doses of duty and humanity. Captain Quaid, his crew, and the first generation Cyber, Abraham, remind me a bit of the latest heroine of the Star Wars series, Rey. They are scavengers that use their wits to survive in a world that can be hostile and cruel, but also offer great rewards.

I noticed this was the 2nd edition of this book, and that earlier reviews mentioned several grammatical errors. There are still a few, but much less than some I’ve seen in other low-priced Kindle books. Ray has a solid career as a science fiction writer ahead of him. I am eagerly looking forward to reading the next installment of this book to find out what happens to these intriguing characters. The technology in the book is also fascinating, such as the Gabriel Rings, and I’d love to hear more details about how this method of travel was developed, how the planets were ‘terraformed’ and more about what led to the creation of the Cybers and their contribution to saving humanity. This book is definitely worth your time!

About the Author

Joseph Ray James.

Note: All Sons of Abraham novels are under construction. Just like the highways, my books had some pot holes that need filled. Mostly this consists of issues with grammar that have been called out on reviews. When this is done, I’ll begin working on volume 7.

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