Sequel to MoonHuntress
In the nightfall of a malicious abduction, Bina Knopfler becomes the victim of treason. She is put to the test by the trials and tribulations of a planned heist. To locate the first Moon cargo. With her training as a Mossad agent Bina is no stranger when it comes to Combat Missions. However, this time she’s the victim and risks her life to save the lives of her loved ones.
Little does she know that her journey will take her to the mysteries of Alaska, where upon she encounters the woman who holds the Keeper of souls. The SoulCatcher.

With the SoulCatcher on course from Kamchatka, Bina arrives amidst the Venomous passage to China where she faces the fear of death in the claws of the nefarious Nuo who will stop at nothing to see her punished. Out of the depths of hell Bina must find a way to survive. The outcome may twist her fate and lead her to the mysterious Lilith Yareach, heiress and new leader to the Moon Mining Empire.Bina must confront the anger and envy of the lonesome and despondent Lilith. Their chance meeting reveals a mystical turn of events in both their lives… What will be the result of their unexpected encounter?
Anonymities lay beneath the ocean, above the clouds and through the passageways of the supernatural. And what awaits is a treasure to be cherished. His name is Christopher.
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“Wow! Wow! Wow!”

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Wow !
This book blew my socks off. I just couldn’t stop reading. The description of the characters, their emotions is extremely well written. You can feel Bina’s pain, her sadness. Dante’s anger, his stubbornness. The story is very exciting, frightening and engaging. This book really pulled me in. I don’t want to write any spoilers. I just think that people need to start reading this author. There is a great promise here. And I think this could be fantastic movie material !

About the Author

Connie Shipley was born in Knokke-Heist,Belgium, from British parents. After graduation she went to live and work in the Middle East, where she got in contact with the British and American military. Travelling and collecting information has been her main target. She now lives in Tuscany with her husband and three dogs. Moon Huntress is her first book of a series.

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