Charlie isn’t much interested in vacationing in Spain or in seeing a flamenco concert while she’s there. But she has let her best friend talk her into both, and when her eyes meet those of the darkly handsome guitarist onstage, she is instantly mesmerized.

A member of a secret blood-drinking race, Nikolas occupies his time killing daemons and playing guitar. He has given up on finding his soul mate after centuries of searching, and suddenly one night out of the blue, there she sit, spellbound as she watches him play.

Now all he has to do is convince her that she belongs to him and protect her from a pissed-off shapeshifting daemon Charlie never knew existed.

Reader Advisory: This story has graphic sexual language and scenes—no closed bedroom doors—or other rooms—here!
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Five Star Review on Amazon By Amazon Customer

Steamy, hot . Gets you right into the characters. I can not wait to read other books . I like that the female is strong and not just waiting for someone to save her.

About the Author

Melinda Kelly also writing as M.R. Kelly, is a freelance writer who relishes the challenges of creating innovative worlds with finesse and attention to detail. The paranormal has been a way of life for her from early childhood and delves into her past experiences and research to expand her knowledge of ancient rituals and folklore. She has written short stories “A night alone,” “The house of Oak,” “Spanish Guitar” and is currently working on her new novel. She is an eclectic reader of the paranormal with an emphasis on Celtic lore. She takes pride in her ability to read a book a day. Professionally she is an educator with a Masters in Nursing. She is also working toward her PhD in education. She maintains a Facebook page to network with her friends and readers.


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