Speaking in Tungs by Karla M. Jay

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Book Description:

2018 Florida Authors and Publishers Association (FAPA) President’s Award in Humor and Chic Lit! In this entertaining first novel set in rural Pennsylvania, a young woman from San Francisco searches for her birthparents while beginning her first job as a home-health speech pathologist. She soon learns how hard one job can be as she navigates the backwoods of Tungston, (“Tungs”) trying to comply with the needs of her quirky patients, all the while being stalked by a violent fugitive, and finding herself unexpectedly falling for the charms of a small-town, including one hot fireman. Through no fault of her own, she exposes a criminal who has been safely hidden in the thick forest, and now as he tries to stop her from exposing him, her patients’ lives, as well as her own are in jeopardy.

“Great humorous read!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By childpub22

I was introduced to this book by some FB friends who thought I may enjoy it since I am a retired speech-language pathologist. This book certainly shows how well the author understands people, their psyches, and what they are thinking to create some fascinating small-town characters.I loved the intrigue as the author was able to build the suspense. She was trying so hard to do a good job as a new and young speech pathologist and was not as aware of the danger to her as was one of her non-speaking characters who was unable to communicate this to her. What I liked most of all was the humorous human-interest stories shown through the characters.

About the Author

Karla M. Jay is a speech therapist, an avid volunteer, a writer, mother, wife, reader and gardener. She lives in Salt Lake City with her husband, a mini-me niece, and a big brown dog. Her first book series is humorous while she also writes historical fiction. A WWII book will be available late 2018.

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