Spirit Spectrum: Blue by David Matthew Walker

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Book Description:

This book is the first shot over the bow in what promises to be an igniting fantasy series: Spirit Spectrum Saga: Blue. Matthew Richardson is a nihilistic, young man who lives a rather mundane life working for a website hosting company. His outlets are getting together with friends and co-workers to sing karaoke and meeting at the local coffee shop. All of this rapidly changes when his sultry co-worker, Leila, introduces him to another dimension by means of creating a rift to the extravagantly, liberating realm of Callisto.

In this encounter, Matthew learns that there is so much more to life: spirit realms with their own colors and codes. He rapidly adjusts by learning to create rifts for himself. By entering through these portals, he discovers a menagerie of threats in the spirit world: mind-hackers, goblins, orcs, gargoyles, trolls, and demons. He realizes that he had better learn how to fight. Matthew gains combat skills by fighting in tournaments, practicing with an ascended master, and by joining a martial arts fighting guild.

He soon becomes an office worker by day and a spirit warrior by night. After an encounter with his doppelgänger, he learns that this new world is not as it appears, as he survives one deadly attack after another. He reaches a turning point when a voice warns him of his impending doom, if he does not find himself on the right side of good and evil. Matthew begins to have encounters with mighty heavenly warriors. His awakening understanding of what is really going on and what is at stake begins. He will be forced to choose between old alliances and the new ones. After being thrown into the oldest battle of good versus evil known in all of existence, Matthew Richardson must choose his path.
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Spirit Spectrum: Blue by David Matthew Walker

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