Spirit of the Wild combines the creative possibilities and therapeutic benefits of today’s most intricate coloring books, but is unique in its inclusion of original poetry to complement the images. Featuring twenty-five of the most iconic birds and mammals indigenous to North America and based on the paintings of renowned wildlife artist Erica Neumann, this book is designed to release the imagination, relieve stress and encourage an appreciation of the natural world. Each spread features a coloring page that can be filled in any style, as well as a black-and-white image of the original painting and a poem that captures the essence of each animal in the book. Spirit of the Wild provides a relaxing and fulfilling pastime for skilled colourers.

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About the Author

Dawn Sprung has a lifelong passion for storytelling and the outdoors. She lives on a ranch in southern Alberta, where the land and wildlife at her doorstep constantly inspire her.

Erica Neumann is well known for her striking oil paintings of bears and other wildlife. Her art resides in collections worldwide, including in Britain, Germany and Australia. For more information, visit www.ericaneumann.com.

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