Spirit Writer

by – Wendy Sheffield (Author)

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Book Description:

Spirit Writer is a journey of self-discovery for the author when she becomes aware that her grandmother is communicating with her after an unusual dream making her aware of her various spiritual gifts. These included spirit or automatic writing, whereupon she channels spirit messages to help people understand their higher self. It took a long time, however, before she realised that spirit was encouraging her to remember and understand her journey so that she could help others with theirs. On her quest for answers to all her questions, she subsequently becomes desperate to understand her gifts, how spirit communicated with her and what her spiritual journey was.

On her quest for answers, she considered the views of well-known people in the spiritual world including Eckhart Tolle and the Arthur Findlay College, to name a few, and recognised a definite sequence of events that appears to be happening around the world leading up to spiritual unfoldment. She also recognised that more people around the world are looking for answers, feeling dissatisfied with their religions, desperate to overcome their fear of dying and to discover whether the afterlife exists. To tackle this age-old question of ‘Is there an afterlife?’ the author examines various accounts of people, religious or otherwise, who have experienced near-death experiences to consider similarities between their accounts.

In her quest to understand spirit and the spirit world, the author also discovered Leslie Flint, who was a well-recognised medium, and who had a unique gift in that his spirit messages came through a voice box above his head. After studying several recorded spirit messages, the author was drawn to a detailed message from Harry Price, who is well known for his exposure of fraudulent mediums, who came through to talk on the subject of ghosts and spirits, as he believed they were not understood.

The author hopes that Spirit Writer will help her readers consider subjects that are not normally talked about so that they can come to their own conclusions. This book is as much about the author’s understanding of her own journey as it is about helping others to try to understand theirs.

About the Author:

My name is Wendy Sheffield, and I am a new spiritual author who has a lot to say about spiritual matters, in particular, spiritual unfoldment or awakening. I have experienced this myself and appreciate how difficult it can be sometimes. My messages are inspired by Spirit which can come through day or night. I write regular spiritual blogs on my website and sometimes make YouTube clips to help my readers understand the basics so they can decide whether spirituality is for them.

My first book Spirit Writer covers the many and varied occurrences that have taken place throughout my life which helped me understand my own spiritual unfoldment. I hope that my readers will discover and understand their journey by considering mine.

I believe that Spirit Writer is the kind of book that I wished had been available when I was going through my own spiritual unfoldment. I went through difficult times when I first learned that I was communicating with the Spirit World as I did not know whom to turn to help me understand what was happening to me. Experiences beyond the five senses can be scary at times!

My thirst for knowledge led me in the direction of my local spiritual church and Arthur Findlay College. As my knowledge grew, I gained many friends with similar interests which gave me the confidence to stand up for what I believe – the Love and the Power of Spirit!

My first book, Spirit Writer: Spiritwriterspeaks has gained the interest of both Psychic News who is going to cover my experiences of the Spirit World and Spirit and Destiny who have asked me to write about my grandmother, who inspired me to stand up for what I believe!

My second book,, despite not yet being finished yet, has already gained the interest of a publisher who only publishes books that he believes in. It is going to be a collection of spiritual messages directly inspired by the Spirit World. It aims to give my readers food for thought about both day-to-day and spiritual matters.

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