dfdsssdThe end of the world is just the beginning …
The year is 3001, and history takes a critical turn when Earth is destroyed by a solar flare. As Dr. Leigh Lybrand and her colleagues explore ways to survive in orbit of Jupiter, dark matter rips open the fabric of space and time, allowing them to see parallel universes. When the visions reveal that a radical religious group planned Earth’s destruction, Leigh must make a choice: Accept her fate or use what she’s learned to save humanity; even if it means betraying the one closest to her in a parallel universe and sacrificing herself in this one.

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“What happens in space…”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Carrie January

Splinter has brought a fresh new take to a genre that I absolutely love… Which is science fiction! It’s not a book that is overly-technical and hard to understand, but there is more than enough to satisfy your outer space cravings. The author weaves the science fiction with a cast of characters perfectly, making for an entertaining read. Fans of the show Star Trek will really enjoy this book.

Right in the beginning, we meet an engaged female named Leigh. She is leaving earth to work on another planet for two years, mainly because of the pay. Leigh never dreams that her decision will have the impact that it eventually has.

There’s a lot that goes on with the plot, and Leigh has a lot to undertake. I really liked the way the author builds up to all of this… The answers aren’t given to the reader all at once, we have to undertake the journey with the characters. There’s some suspense with this book, so beware! Expect to find yourself reading this when you’re supposed to be in bed asleep.

About the Author

Life can be frustrating. People and circumstances can irritate you. The best laid plans can explode, leaving you confused and uncertain. Life can also be boring. The hum drum of everyday can leave you in a frustrated fight out of an endless rut. The mountaintop experiences are few and far between, leaving us to live in the spaces between joy and sorrow.

Welcome to a sanctuary where you can escape reality to gaze into the dark mirrors of parallel universes at ordinary people dealing with extraordinary circumstances.

Most writers use their bio an explanation of who they are and why they write. I’ll make this simple. My name is Sherri Fulmer Moorer. I write because I’ve always loved to do it, and ebooks gave me an opportunity to share those stories with readers that I just couldn’t pass up. Plain and simple, I’m an opportunist. When the ebook revolution hit, I dove in because I wanted to be involved on the front end of this new wave. Who doesn’t want to be part of a revolution?

I write in a variety of genres because I can’t be pigeon holed into one area, and I’m many other things in addition to being an author. I work full time in professional licensing, which is great for keeping me in touch with people and reality and, in turn, inspires to write more. I’m married with two parrots that keep our hearts, home, and lives filled with joy and silliness that most people find strange. I’m a social media rambler, church volunteer and borderline introvert/extrovert who’s kindred spirit, according to online quizzes, is Scooter from The Muppets when the introvert wins, and a Sith Inquisitor when the extrovert wins.

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