Leading us through dirty haiku and tales of barrooms, bathrooms, broken hearts, Buddhism, and broken dreams – Grosz provides a glimpse into his life that most assume is fiction… but it actually happened.

A book that searches for the fury beneath the filth and the beauty behind the bereavement.
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Five Star Review on Amazon By K. Anderson

A poignant collection of off color tales, jarring haikus, and ramblings of a man that demands to be read. Throw on a copy of any Tom Waits album, kick back with a glass of scotch, and enjoy this book immensely. Much like a teenage boy in the backseat of his car after prom, you will be done before you know it.

About the Author

Voiceover artist. Chef. Mutant bluesman. Tattooed wordsmith. Driving fast, taking chances and proud of my scars.

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