Stalking Throckmorton

by – Gary F. Jones (Author)

(the Throckmorton series)

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Book Description:

Chris Throckmorton races a killer to find a treasure hidden by his great-grandfather.

A lawyer hands Throckmorton an 82-year-old letter that claims his dying great-grandfather Otto Kessler stashed the family assets in an office under his brewery. Those assets could be worth $50 million or nothing in today’s market. The village has demolished the brewery and buried the office.

Murder victims are found in homes once owned by the Kessler’s. The crooked village mayor and a con man learn of Otto’s letter and force Throckmorton to make them partners. An inept crew slows the excavation to the office, and security cameras show the killer has visited the dig. Once in the office, the men find stock certificates in companies that went bankrupt between 1950 and 1990. His partners quit. Throckmorton finds another treasure in the office, but not the one Otto put there. To keep it, he must face the killer in the dark.

Reviews for the Book

“Set in a western Wisconsin village near La Crosse, this memorable novel exudes warmth while delivering an engaging traditional murder mystery connected to the brewery history of this region. Christopher Throckmorton is an admirable three-dimensional amateur sleuth in his thirties. His young son Ben is battling leukemia, an aspect adding emotion and even more urgency to the story. Gary F. Jones has given readers the ingredients for an enjoyable novel: small-town politics and humor, a sweet and awkward romance for Chris, a boy we root for, and a wonderful fast pace in a mystery that matters to characters we care about. Highly recommended.”
Christine DeSmet is a mystery author, writing coach, developmental editor, and member of Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime.
Net Galley review: "... I laughed my socks off."

About the Author: Gary F. Jones

Gary Jones says his life has been a testament to questionable decisions and lost opportunities. However, his wife of many years says she knows of nothing in the record to justify such unfettered optimism.

Gary practiced bovine medicine in rural Wisconsin for nineteen years, returned to graduate school at the University of Minnesota, earned a PhD in microbiology, and spent the next nineteen years working on the research and development of bovine and swine vaccines. He retired in 2012.

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