51QtqzFFBZL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_KIRKUS INDIE BOOK REVIEW An engaging mystery with mystical overtones that also offers a wide-ranging discourse on New Age philosophy and entrenched belief systems. Dr. Lance Stavros is a 47-year-old, disaffected doctor ready to commit suicide when he gets a mysterious invitation to become the personal physician of an enigmatic spiritual teacher—a man known as “Hadden,” who holds court inside a mysterious compound, Hawk’s Landing, on the outskirts of Patra, Greece. Almost immediately falling under the mystic’s thrall, Lance forgoes his self-destructive tendencies and becomes deeply entwined in the drama at his newfound guru’s headquarters. Like the Romans and Pharisees of old, the local Greek authorities don’t like the message that Hadden is peddling, so they set out to neutralize him, one way or another. All this intrigue unfolds as Lance undergoes his own spiritual transformation: He listens to Hadden’s nightly lectures in “the Great Room,” slowly learns to face the demons of his past and sets his feet on the road to enlightenment. There’s a bloody cost, however, as the net tightens around Hadden and his followers. Tiernan does a fine job of balancing New Age philosophy with an engrossing whodunit, so that the former never overwhelms the latter. Readers may wish to ponder the implications of Hadden’s teachings, but they’ll also want to stick with Lance as he draws closer to uncovering the secret behind his invitation to Hawk’s Landing. The author’s descriptive prose deftly illuminates Lance’s interior and exterior worlds while continually propelling the story forward: “I had once read about a magician whose body was missing his heart. He kept it hidden in a bag under his bed. I got the impression that Twyla was missing something too, something like a heart.” Seemingly tangential forays into the sad doctor’s childhood and anemic love life quietly become building blocks for a climactic ending that offers revelations and regrets. A provocative philosophical exploration that doubles as a crafty thriller. KIRKUS INDIE REVIEW

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” Soulful and INTENSE!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Tiffany Silverberg

A powerful tale of how a de-sensitized, shell-of-a-man takes a spiritual journey that not only changes the course of his life, but the very core of his being. I lost myself completely in the Greek countryside, and felt like the characters were my friends. B.J. Tiernan has such a flair for description, that I could almost taste the wine!

This book was a thoroughly enjoyable read and I highly recommend it. Be prepared to search your own soul as your mind twists and turns with this remarkable story.

About the Author

“B.J. Tiernan is a teacher. It’s her calling. She’s been at it since graduating from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education in 1972. Whether it is in the classroom or through her writing, it is what she loves to do. Throughout the years, Tiernan has given numerous seminars, inspirational workshops and classes to promote self-growth and writing skills. For the past fifteen years, she has been putting her certification in Social Sciences to work teaching World History and Ancient Cultures to sixth graders. She has also taught several creative writing classes at Community Schools in Broward County, Florida. Tiernan writes contemporary fiction that causes the reader to think, to ponder, to question. Through the back door of fiction, she addresses questions about living, dying and the age-old task of merging our dark side with the light. One of her biggest joys has been to design and teach a course for adults at Community School, where individuals can shine a light on their own memories and experiences and organize them into stories. One of her student’s short stories was published in Chicken Soup for the Soul–Family Matters. It was a proud moment. Tiernan dedicates Standing on a Whale to all of the students who have passed through her classes and workshops hungry to learn and to write.”

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