51tVtwKYrrL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Given the power over the undead in an England overrun with zombies, how far will one man go to get his inheritance back?

Byron Ulysses Llewellyn-Cave is a disinherited cad with the strange ability to control the undead corpses that have been plaguing steampunk Victorian England for years. He finds Marietta, a bird-watcher and assassin extraordinaire, and together they calamitously careen through a zombie-parts black market, fight a swashbuckling Spaniard who’s allergic to the walking dead, and outwit a mad scientist trying to restore life to the ramshackle corpses.

All in the pursuit of a bounty given by Victoria herself that will make all of Byron’s problems go away.

Long live Byron the Cad. The Cad is dead.

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“A+++++ Must Read”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Lisa N.

A+++++ Star-crossed is a great novel for this up and coming new author. This book is well written and engaging from beginning to end. This is a must read for anyone with a love of science fiction, fantasy,steampunk or just zombies in general. You cant go wrong with this read.

About the Author

MK Sauer lives in Boulder, Colorado where she owns a coffee shop and spends entirely too many hours of the day caffeinated. She received a degree in Russian Literature from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Believing that everyone should have at least one party trick, she has finally decided that hers is talking about Stalin for three hours straight. Her favorite RPG character trope is the wily thief who looks like a cross between Indiana Jones and Xena and is somehow afraid of looking up. She developed an obsession with vampires at the age of nine because of her mother’s flat-out refusal to allow her to watch Interview with a Vampire. At the tender age of 13, when she was exposed to Russian Literature–mainly Dostoevsky, Gogol, and Bulgakov–her fate was sealed, the sunflower oil was spilled, and her destiny was revealed. High-brow horror was created in the rumblings of her pre-pubescent brain. Nowadays, she tries not to put too many pop culture references in her historical novels. Most of the time, she fails.

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