Stardust and Star Jumps© is a motivational and inspirational book with some spiritual perspectives; it is a helpful guide that you can use to access your own inner magic, wisdom and strength to reach toward your dreams, goals, and purpose. There is a journey to your happy place and only you can take the steps toward it.
You are the creator of your own reality and we are all connected to the universe and to each other through our stardust souls. This book explores how you can reach for what you dream of by believing and trusting in all your gifts and talents that lie deep within; and connecting to the highest vision of yourself. A guide to a more positive way of thinking and manifesting what you truly desire through enhanced self belief and trusting in your own abilities. The book explores self love, self belief, dealing with challenges and overcoming losses, removing fears and limits; and listening to your inner guidance and trusting your intuition.
When we truly know our power to create and find our resources of inner strength we can break through any limits and reach toward our dreams, goals, and ambitions. We all have unlimited potential within us, we just need to tap into it and create what we desire!
The aim of Stardust and Star Jumps© is to inspire anyone that reads it to never give up on themselves, value their worth, love themselves and others better; and reach for the stars to find their happy place.
The e-book is designed as a compact, yet powerful read to get you thinking and spark your motivation for better things.
Now with a bonus chapter of mindful and motivational quotes that you can use as further positive reminders, and guidance to the magic you have within you!
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Magical book”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Jane Bowyer

Beautifully written and full of wisdom, inspiration and hope.

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