Now that you have picked up this book, are you prepared to enter the world that lies ahead?
Understand that this world has been around us, almost since the beginning of time. There are angels which are constantly fighting for you, and demons that are fighting against you. The battle is always raging for your very soul!

The children of the orphanage unknowingly enter into this spirit-filled world when they move into the old manor house. William, Henrietta, Katherine, Markus, Abigail, and Mary Beth were surprised when the angels assigned to them made their first appearance. Kenneth and Raymond encountered demons in the forbidden basement. All is not what it seems in the manor house! The angels are fiercely fighting for the children while the demons are raging against them at every turn.

The angels inform the children they will be leaving the manor house soon for an unknown destination.

Pastor Finley and Jonathan Judge will unknowingly play a vital role in getting the children to their new location and the start of their mission from God.

The inhabitants in this new location are demons, along with the occasional pirates that happen to find the island. The most ruthless pirate that has ever laid foot on the island is one known as Captain Samuel Slayer Johnson, a once respected naval officer, then life happened.

Captain Mize has agreed to help Pastor Judge build their new village. The captain of course has ulterior motives, he knows that pirates have been on the island, which only means one thing, buried treasure.

The demons on the island are excited about their new visitors. They want to get the battle raging and end this once and for all. The angels are prepared, and they will assist the humans in the battles that lie ahead. Unfortunately, only the children are currently aware of these impending battles.