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Starlight by Paul S. Anderson (Author)

Starlight by Paul S. Anderson (Author)

sbjbAymee Andrews wanted to be a singer and a songwriter. Her dream was to write songs that would connect to others. Aymee is about to make her first major on-stage performance, but it is an act later that night that will shroud Aymee’s career. After her performance, a body of one of her young fans is discovered. Another body is found in another city the next day and the investigation is on. Starlight is the story of a young girl’s dream to become a singer and an entertainer, while knowing that there is a serial killer who wants to ruin her career. The killer wants to use Aymee’s growing popularity as a means to making them famous as well. In a world where everyone wants to be extraordinary, the question is what would you do to be famous?

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