1941-America is on the brink of world war. Yet here at home, a mysterious thief stalks Manhattan. The newspapers call him, The Smoke—vaporous, elusive. But this thief is about to open the wrong safe. He mistakenly has found his way into Nikola Tesla’s hotel suite, where plans for a weapon of mass destruction–coveted by both, Nazi and Soviet agents—are locked away. The Smoke’s mistake will throw him headlong into the world of espionage and murder.

About the Author

Jonathan Call is drawn to the black and white world of the ‘30’s and ‘40’s. Says, Call, “I like dropping my characters into actual historical circumstances that have life or death consequences and may even turn the tide of history itself“. Call is a fan of early spy and crime writers like Hammett, Cain, Green, and Chandler, and he will drop everything to watch a good film noir movie. He drinks a mean cup of French Roast coffee and lives with his wife (and first reader) in North Carolina.

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