Step By Step Guide To Plant Propagation Revised Edition by Kathy Green

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In this little book you will find tips and tricks for rooting cuttings and ways with seeds plus other methods to multiply your plant collection. You will read how to root almost any plant with mist. There is even a section on money saving ideas and repurposing things you may have otherwise tossed into the trash.
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“What an Innovator!!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Charlotte DeWeese

Kathy Green’s Book is exceptionally basic from the get-go. It is so refreshing to read a plant propagation book that provides information that is understandable, enticing, and an encouragement to multiply many types of plants subsequently helping to contribute to a “green” environment. Kathy’s book is a true innovator. Enjoyed thoroughly!! I look forward to utilizing Kathy’s book information.

About the Author

Kathy Green has loved to write as long as she can remember. She is currently working on a Christian Fiction story about Mary of Bethany and her friendship with Jesus. Hopefully, this book will be published in early 2018. In high school, she had poetry published in a national anthology of high school students work. She went on the write for several Christian Women’s magazines as well as writing blog posts and making videos before she retired in 2013 from her “real job” at Nashville Wraps LLC in Hendersonville TN. Kathy and husband Bill have edited and helped to publish several books for others and Kathy also published “Papa’s Journal”, her dad’s memoir that is out of print now.

One of her passions is gardening. She is a Master Gardener and owner/grower of Mimi’s Greenhouse in White House, TN. Since starting her nursery in 2009, Kathy has answered many questions about gardening from her loyal customers and blog fans, taken care of plants, propagated hundreds of plants, etc. Kathy’s Gardening Blog, Gardening Tips For Small Spaces was the inspiration for her book Step By Step Guide To Plant Propagation Revised Edition Kathy is passionate about gardening and teaching others how to be better gardeners. What better way to do it than through books – her own!

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