Once upon a time, in a village much like yours, there lived a family.They were happy enough with their lives, but there was always a persistent knocking on their door.They ignored this knocking for as long as possible, thinking that it would eventually go away, but it never did. And finally, in need of peace, they opened it. Watching as their home filled with magical beings, staffs, wands, stories, and an unexpected business, was surprising at first. But as time passed, they realized how perfectly this life fit each of them, and how perfectly they all fit together.

Seven years from its beginning, Victoria Young Bennison follows the thread that wove her husband Dave Bennison’s handcrafted staffs, with her love of story, to create Stick to the Story. Sharing some of the tales she wrote at that time, with photos of the staffs that inspired them, she has also chosen to share the story behind their creation. And this sharing has allowed her to understand that if the separating of what was real from what was imagined, and what was fiction from what was fact, seemed an impossible task…it didn’t matter. All that mattered then and now, is that a door was opened, and their lives changed forever.
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Creator of hand carved Wooden Staffs, Canes and Wands plus other magical items from the forests and beaches of southern Ontario Canada. Custom made for you.

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