Gunnery Sargent Perceval Michelangelo Stone, after 39 years in the Marine Corps is suddenly
medically retired. After all of the collective damage of many wars and actions, an IED leaves him with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) which is exacerbated by PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). With vision in one eye that comes and goes, along with blocked recall of the occasional word, or a missed step in following a conversation, Stone is a walking mental time-bomb like so many others, if he can’t find his center.
Walking away confused. from the only home and family he has known since he was eighteen, he has a phone in his pocket that he doesn’t know how to use, a pesky yeoman stalking his every move, astride a $800 motorcycle, headed west from Bethesda, MD searching for what it means to be a civilian, and what makes home, home.
In an effort to find his peace, he ends up beside a tranquil lake, watching a perfect sunset.
And then the phone rings . . .
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Transition, Transformation, Terrific”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Brian Benson

This was my fist read by this author Baer Charlton. It will not be my last. If you like realistic characters, Charlton makes them dance before your eyes. This book, is a movie waiting to happen. It’s a moving tale about a career Marine gunnery Sgt, and his transition back into civilian life. What happens to him and the people he connects with, is truly heartwarming. His characters, I’m sure are people from his own real life experiences, and he paints them with a brush that we can all understand and appreciate. This book may be fiction, but it’s more real than the stuff on the nightly news. I’ve had the pleasure over the years of meeting and inter-acting with people like Charlton portrays. There are no cardboard characters in this story. Ski, Ruby, Rusty, & Molly to name just a few, are people that will wander through my head for a long time to come. This book will revive your faith in the goodness that dwells in people. If I can use the cliche ‘feel good story’, it’s one that really made me feel good to read. Well done Mr. Charlton 5 stars, well deserved.

About the Author

2015 Pulitzer Prize Nominee, (for his book “Stoneheart”), Baer Charlton holds a degree in Social-Anthropology from the University of California at Irvine. His many interests have led him around the world in search of the different and unique.

As an internationally recognized photo journalist he tracked mountain gorillas, was a podium for a Barbary Ape, communicated in sign language with an Orangutan named Boolon, kissed a kangaroo and many other wild experiences in between–or he was just monkeying around.

His copyrighted logo is “WR1T3R”. The idea is that within every person, there is a story. But inside that story, is even a more memorable story. Those are the stories he likes to tell.

There is no more complex and wonderful story then ones that come from the human experience. Whether it is dragons and bears that are people; a Marine finding his way home as a civilian, or a tow truck driving detective and his family. Mr. Charlton’s stories are all driven by the characters you come to think of as friends.

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