I started writing this book of poetry at the age of thirteen. The Title I selected because everything about Poetry whether used as they are or with music involve an emotion and true feelings whether the writer’s own or what the writer may view or see in another, so the words of poetry/song come straight from the source regardless of condition at that time. Raw and real.
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I am not perfect…just Forgiven. I love reading, writing, different types of needlepoint and writing poetry. I am a disabled female due to heart condition then became physically challenged due to a stroke at 41, I was in a coma, and when I woke I was a total quadriplegic. Told by my Dr. I would never recover, I was moved into a Nursing Home as I had lived alone prior to the stroke. I had lost everything as far as my home, etc. I was told by the Dr. that I would never leave the Nursing Home. After seven long years I am no longer there. I left April 29, 2009 and walking out by the way. I am now back to my normal (whatever normal is) after a lot of hard work, the Grace of God, and support of my family and friends. After 3 years residing with friends am now living alone! And that is all ‘not recovering.’ I enjoy writing, working from home, a lot of different craft project’s, reading & studying all I can. Through these wonderful season’s God has given me my goal is to serve Him with an unshakable faith. And on this new journey for/with Him, I will share all He has Blessed me with to whom ever desires. To teach & help others that they too can overcome their challenges (disabilities) through faith & hope. And though it took me a long time to realize & truly grasp this myself I do know that by His stripes we ARE healed. If I can aide even just one in this life through Him I have not failed.

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