This is a story of Lust, Loss, Longing, Love, and lots more, set in a haunted house by the sea.
When Felicity is ditched by her philandering husband one morning little does she know that by nightfall she will have made an offer for buying the top flat in a lovely old house overlooking the sea in Kingscove. The house is home to a wealth of vastly different personalities, all happy to take her under their collective wing and complete her education. Amongst the residents we meet a professor, a priest, and a dominatrix, together with a woman with an extremely dark past.
And there just may be a ghost – a sad and gentle ghost, still looking for closure long after the end of his tragic earthly life. Does he really exist? That is up to you.
Always, in the background, hovers the sea – fickle, frightening, hypnotic, eternal.
This tale comes Straight off the Sea.
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About the Author

I seem to have been scribbling most of my life. Doreen, my best friend from our days in Primary School, tells me that when our teacher needed to finish some marking she would ask me to read my latest story to the class. I can only vaguely remember this, but if Doreen says it happened it happened!!
I certainly still love writing – prose and poetry – silly and serious. I like the way that one can create characters and (usually!) make them do exactly what one wants.
I try to bring things I love into my writing – for example cats and dogs – and can’t resist giving a voice to them.
I have the craziest dreams and like to fit them into my scribbles.
Whenever I am away I am looking for locations about which I might write- places to be the setting for my next tale.
Happy reading!

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