Many of us feel intense emotions, but are any of us hiding something more powerful than just feelings? Chloe struggles with her anger, and soon discovers that her family, friendships and whole life are about to change as a consequence. Chloe is about to embark on an exhilarating journey of discovery where she uncovers her roots, connects with nature and her true nature is revealed to her. A high energy tale of nature, unearthing and loyalty.
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Absolutely Outstanding. Wheres my 6 star option..”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Cap

Firstly let me preface this, I’m an avid reader maybe 20-25 books a year, when i saw a thread in discussing this and had to find out what all the fuss was about, hands down best book I’ve read in years.
You can tell this is a work of passion there is so much energy in the writing style, even found my self edging towards the end of my chair at some parts.
It is rare to see a first novel with such finesse in this day and age, so thank you! Eagerly awaiting the sequel an will be following you in hopes of more updates on how it is coming along!
Very well done.

About the Author

What felt like a miracle happen, I became a published author, though I know there are many dyslexic authors like myself

When growing up I couldn’t read very well at all let alone have the concentration to write, but I felt that I’d give it a fair try.

At the age of 13 I would be reading primary children level books, it’s was a start.

But I always felt I was missing out on reading books my friends enjoyed for a prime example Harry Potter novel. It was frustrating to get pass the made up words. Infact nearly all fiction fantasy books are hard for me to read.

So an idea hit me to write my own, it’s easy reading no made up or creative words or places and still the fun of a fantasy theme, it’s fast enough storyline to help with the concentration to keep readers going forward to completion.

I feel that for young adults and adults we need more books that are easy reading in the sci-fi, fantasy genre. People just like myself to getting into writing and reading. I feel these books can work like stepping stones the further into a book series, to give confidence and enjoyment.

I would love to inspire and help where I can, and promote this idea.

Even as an adult I still find that I have comments from people who find me being dyslexic and writing a book amusing sometimes even humour.
It can be rather upsetting, but at the same time it only makes me want to prove wrong.

At this moment in time my writing career is only beginning with strange emotions.

Strange emotions started when that idea popped into my head, I was living in a studio flat in one of the roughest estates of didcot Oxfordshire. I didn’t have much but I made the best I could out of the situation.

Every evening after work I would be in my flat writing, I was in a bad financial place. I lived of cereals for months and when I got tips from work I’d get the odd proper shopping in. But writing was my escape. I could lock out my feelings from the world around me and put them into my writing.

The first half of the novel was written in didcot and when I could no longer cope I moved down to live with my parents in Devon, the second half was written in a completely different situations. Even though I was happier I was still able to right passed emotions back into my story.

I currently live with my partner in Axminster with a beautiful view over the county side and our beautiful cat binks who reminds me very much of our own little Panther.

Not letting any spoilers on what I am going to be working on next, only that I am currently working on my next.

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