Failed writers and forgotten soldiers. Insanity and nostalgia. Returning home and plummeting to hell. These stories are invigorating, heartbreaking, and tinged with the surreal. “The Unwritten” is about an aging author, haunted by his untapped creativity. “Boats Against the Current” focuses on a WWII soldier who’d rather read than fight. Through “The Door,” three kids discover a portal to the unknown. In “Itching and Echoes,” obsession and fear swallow one man whole. The collection’s centerpiece is “Strawberry Hill.” It’s about a girl named Lilly, who as a child traveled to a magical realm with purple rivers, neon grass, and towering flowers. But after years of therapy, she no longer believes it exists. Now, her unhinged boyfriend has become infatuated with her mystical past, and will drag her back however he can. It is a breathless story of love and longing. Getting lost in Strawberry Hill is easy. All you have to do is dive in…
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“Fantastic Read!!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Jackie Fredendall

Fantastic book , very entertaining read!! Can’t wait for more from this author!!

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Gryffindor. Browncoat. Taco enthusiast. Author of STRAWBERRY HILL (GenZ Publishing, 2017). #amwriting #amquerying

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