Strictly Business by Monica Helene Thomas

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Book Description:

7xl9Wa9V_400x400Nick, Logan, Harold, Jack and Cage, five old childhood friends get back together one last time to commit crimes that are unimaginable. However, their criminal activity doesn’t draw these knuckle heads any closer but instead widens the gap within their relationships. While spending time together these friends, begin to realize that they still remember each other’s old childhood ways. But the more time they’re together they also faces the reality that they’ve grown up. Monica H. Thomas, book author from Gainesville, Florida has five other published fiction books such as “”My Brother’s Keeper””, “”What a crooked web we weave””, “”I’ll never amount to nothing so you say””, “”A Friend’s Betrayal”” and “”Nobody’s Child””. I’m also an Inventor of a new product called the “”Stimulating Pacifier”” To view a brief virtual presentation of this amazing invention slide online by ! In my spare time I love to write poetry and television pilots!

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About the Author

Author of 6 published books, Inventor of the Stimulating Pacifier! Poet and television pilot writer! CEO of Thomas and Company and