Survive; that is the sole mission of the USC’s last colony fleet. Ensure that the remnants of humanity and its Vaxian allies can rebuild and live. While they still dream of peace hidden away from their Demzerai executioners. Forced to land upon the alien world of Tallagen, Colonization Fleet Epsilon has forged a new home over the last 175 cycles. Everyday citizens huddled behind the safety of the cities’ barriers and holographic skies overhead, gladly embracing the illusion of utopia. However, peace is merely a word mentioned in the halls of the senate, while outside the barriers death and the constant threat of war are as sure as the sun rises. But now whispers of deception have begun to unfold. Greed, desperation, and the lust for power threaten to consume not only the colonies but Tallagen itself.
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“Awesome read”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Geoffrey Pickett

From the moment I started the book it was hard to put down. The story flowed as it showed how each character in the story had an impact on other actions that played out as the book continued. The events and conflicts described in this book is a great representation of many struggles and situations that is faced in today’s world.

About the Author

Terrance is a Miami, Florida native who is an avid reader of both science fiction and horror novels. From an early age he has always had a far reaching imagination and curiosity for the world around him. As an adult he got the opportunity to truly travel and experience the world before recently retiring as a US Army veteran with 24 years of service. He now resides in Arizona where he seeks to pursue his lifetime dream of becoming an author as well as a game designer.

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