Stuck for a Purpose: Enlightenment in the Dark Valleys of Life

Are you stuck somewhere unfulfilling or painful?

“I am grateful for my past experiences. It didn’t happen to me; it happened for me. You did not suffer, you were not crushed the way you were, for a mediocre life. It was all a set-up! It happened for your purpose so never stop or give up. Walk in it to your destiny”.
Are you stuck somewhere unfulfilling or painful?
Do you question who you really are?
Do you struggle to determine what your purpose is and how to confirm what it is?
Told in a very candid but deeply inspiring manner, Odell Dunwell Campbell shares her struggles of being stuck in abuse and love’s misconceptions. Only to discover on her journey of healing and transformation that her purpose was hidden in the thing that ultimately broke her.
This book will definitely help you unearth the strength to overcome any adversity; to reconnect to the essence of your being and to birth your purpose in life, bringing you your greatest satisfaction.