Stud Princess by N’Tyse

N’TYSE returns with Stud Princess! Chyna is on a murder-mission hunt for the crooked lawyer who double-crossed her uncle, and the latest addition to the family brings her one step closer to that sweet revenge. This ruthless queen-pin owns the day and the night. Mother Nature herself can’t interrupt her cash flow. But when bad…

N’TYSE returns with Stud Princess!

Chyna is on a murder-mission hunt for the crooked lawyer who double-crossed her uncle, and the latest addition to the family brings her one step closer to that sweet revenge. This ruthless queen-pin owns the day and the night. Mother Nature herself can’t interrupt her cash flow. But when bad calls are made and her chief female “escort” goes missing, it’s time to set things off.

Sand and Rene can admit that they haven’t always been honest with one another, but are they ready to forgive and forget, or are the wounds too fresh? When each one finds herself being blackmailed into working for Chyna, it’s no coincidence. They go against the grain to prove their love for one another, bearing in mind whose turf they’re treading on. An unrelenting thirst for notorious revenge has Chyna, Sand, and Rene riding out, hanging low, and staking out their highest claims yet.
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“Another Excellent Read”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Qboy

N’Tyse does it again with her sophomore novel, and brilliantly might I say. From page one I was drawn into the book in a way that allowed me to visualize everything as if it were a movie instead of a book. N’Tyse took me around Dallas and its surroundings areas like I was right back at home, like I could get in my car and drive a few blocks to see where it all took place.

N’Tyse brought in many new characters who I at first thought wouldn’t make the least bit of impression on me, but by the end of the book, I wanted to know just as much about Illusion, Deja, and Ty as I did about Sand, Rene and Chyna. What more can I say than that you won’t be disappointed when you get on this high stakes roller coaster ride. The thrill of the heart pounding scenes make it worth your read!

About the Author

A former private banker and financial counselor for over 12 years, N’Tyse, a creative ideation innovator, documentarian, philanthropist, and multifaceted hybrid author―is known in the literary world for her evocative prose, taboo storylines, and rambunctious characters. She is the relationship fiction/erotic-romance author and editor of several bestselling novels and anthologies, a ghostwriter, literary consultant, relationship columnist and an all-purpose blogger.

N’Tyse embraced her calling to write long fiction in 2007, debuting with her most controversial novel to date, My Secrets Your Lies, which she self-published and released under her company A Million Thoughts Publishing. It was through the instruction of Mary HoneyB Morrison and Torrian Ferguson that N’Tyse decided to try her hand at self-publishing. After negotiations with a traditional printer, N’Tyse withdrew parts of her savings and made the initial investment in herself. She pressed up thousands of paperback copies in manageable increments, selling every last one of them underground and through major bookstore chains in the first few weeks of the book’s release. N’Tyse was immediately touted as one of the early creators of the lesbian/street-lit sub-genre by Library Journal, based on the traditional book marketplace during that era. Her literary efforts soon began to garner the interest of rising independent publishers. While mulling over the opportunities that quietly came her way, N’Tyse decided to chase her indie ambitions and immersed herself in learning every aspect of the publishing business. MSYL went on to grace bestselling charts nationwide: Borders/Waldens, The Dallas Morning Newspaper, Black Expressions Book Club, etc. including New York distributors A&B and Lushena who housed most of the author’s books. Determined to see her works surpass the limitations of indie publishing, in 2011, N’Tyse pitched Twisted Seduction―the first installment in a 4-book series, directly to New York Times bestselling author Zane. Zane recognized the writer’s talent instantly, and it helped that she had also hand selected N’Tyse’s short story Caramel Latte for the Purple Panties 2: Missionary No More anthology two years prior. The author’s junior novel quickly landed her a multi-book publishing deal with the Simon & Schuster imprint, reeling in twisted fans near and abroad.

Born with an innate desire to help others, N’Tyse became a mentor and writing coach to novice writers who had started out on a similar path as hers. Eventually, N’Tyse would open the doors of her publishing boutique―the cornerstone of her entrepreneurial and publishing success. Inspired by the vast array of projects coming across her desk, N’Tyse found a way to use her footing in the industry to help fledgling writers get to that next level―namely undiscovered gems and authors who were incarcerated. Merging her portfolio management background with her publishing experience, N’Tyse formed Literary Champagne Suite―a subdivision of AMTP that provides literary consultation and agent services to indie authors.

With a burning passion to transcend, coupled with an interdisciplinary knowledge in increasing awareness to complex intersections among African American and the underserved communities, N’Tyse dove into the independent filmmaking arena where she executive produced and directed her first documentary feature film, Beneath My Skin, which was released in 2014 under her production company A Million Visions Productions. Inspired by MSYL, Beneath My Skin delves into the lives of Czar, Jazzmine, Myesha, and Nymfo who share their coming-out stories, journey, and daily experiences as African American lesbians in today’s society. A mother also shares her reaction to when her daughter first came out to her. The reception of the film garnered the interest of Maverick Entertainment Group.

A Dallas, Texas native, N’Tyse continues to juggle her writing career with being a full-time mother of two, wife, and documentary filmmaker. Her novels include: My Secrets Your Lies, Stud Princess: Notorious Vendettas (Urban Books/Kensington) Twisted Seduction, Twisted Vows of Seduction, and Twisted Entrapment (Strebor/Simon & Schuster). She is also the author and editor of Gutta Mamis and Cougar Cocktales (Strebor/Simon & Schuster). Her shorter-length works have appeared in Kontrol Magazine, Purple Panties 2: Missionary No More, Z-Rated: Chocolate Flava 3, and other publications. Currently a senior, N’Tyse continues to pursue her film and interdisciplinary research studies at Arizona State University. To date, she is in production of her next educational documentary feature “Behind the Mask: My Naked Truth” which raises awareness for mental health disorders within the African American community.

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