51-9fm2vG9L._UX250_Student Workbook D Rhoades to Reading 2nd Edition includes standards-based curriculum for grades 7 & 8. However, the program can be used successfully with students of any age. This language arts program designed to be used by teachers, educational aides, parents, and tutors. Because of the direct correlation between assessment, program placement, and curriculum, no time is wasted in teaching previously-learned skills. Students linger over a skill only as long as required to attain mastery before moving to the next skill. Proven success based on solid research can be found at jacquierhoades.blogspot.com. Student workbook D is designed to be used with Teaching Guide for Student Workbook D; however can be used as a stand-alone text book. Workbook D contains reading curriculum for grades seven and eight. Students will learn essential standards for reading, writing, written and oral English language conventions. Included: 15 stories, 11 writing assignments, writing rubric & checklist, 15 worksheets, 5 word searches, 1 contrast and compare assignment, 2 pre-reading activities.

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Jacquie began her life in Chicago and moved to Pomona, California at an early age. After living in the country, surrounded by orange trees and truck gardens, she traveled and worked in many places throughout the U.S. and the world. She now resides with her family in Rancho Cucamonga, California, near her childhood home. While there are very few orange trees and truck gardens these days, it remains a very nice place to live.

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