Xander Zackery loves his life in Sugarbeet Falls, Montana. He lives with his father; paternal grandfather, Lefty; and maternal grandfather, Pops, in a “three-generation bachelor pad.” He has two awesome best friends—Aaron the athlete and Skeeter the genius—and is looking forward to playing baseball with the Sugarbeet Falls Motors Mayhem squad. He knows that with his help, the team could win the state championship. A horrible accident, however, cuts Xander’s dreams short.

When Xander is mysteriously attacked on the baseball field, Pops gifts him seven strange books. Xander loves Pops, but the gift is weird. The books don’t even have any writing in them. Then, right before Xander’s eyes, drawings begin to appear. That’s only the beginning!

As superheroes spring to life from the pages of the books, Xander learns about his family’s long legacy as the protectors of a fantastic secret. Xander has been entrusted to keep the secret safe, but evil forces are gathering in Sugarbeet Falls…

Ryan Acra’s new middle-reader adventure shows the power of imagination and friendship. It celebrates the many different cultures alive in Montana and sets the stage for more escapades from Xander and his friends.
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“Can’t wait for Volume 2.”

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Sugarbeet Falls is one of the most original, funny and ingenious pieces of literature in some time. A story all ages can enjoy is an old cliché, however in the case of Sugarbeet Falls it truly applies. With laugh out loud moments that will make you howl, heart pounding action and even some heart warming emotion, Ryan Acra provides a quick page-turner that is nearly impossible to put down! Ryan Acra’s debut novel proves he is going to be a force for many novels to come. I can not wait to see what more he has in store for the residents of Sugarbeet Falls!

About the Author

Ryan Acra has always loved writing. When he saw how excited his young son was about superheroes, he was inspired to write the Sugarbeet Falls series. Like his characters, Acra lives in Montana.

He, his wife, Becky, and daughters, Perrey, Haven, and Lakey, all live in Great Falls, Montana. His son, Zack, lives in California and still loves superheroes.

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