summDane Wright is a morose, moody individual who’s content to isolate himself in his Malibu beach house. For nine months, he’s shut out the world, along with his loved ones, to wallow in self-pity within the walls of his luxury fortress of solitude. When his parents go on a month-long Caribbean cruise, Dane is forced to take responsibility for his younger sibling, Megan, who is fast building a reputation for herself.

Megan is upset with her parents. They’re making her stay with her brother for the summer and are threatening to stop her allowance if she doesn’t pull up her grades. So Megan seeks the assistance of geeky Summer Blake, who’s probably the brightest girl she knows at college. Knowing Summer’s on scholarship, Megan bribes her with a glamorous vacation in exchange for helping her improve her grades.

Summer agrees. She’d rather sleep in a flimsy, makeshift tent in a woods full of bears than to go home for the summer. However, there are a few details Megan leaves out when she invites Summer to vacation at her brother’s home; things that could topple the walls of the man cave Dane’s built around himself while shaking Summer’s world.

The instant attraction between Dane and Summer is undeniable. However, Summer’s presence makes Dane experience emotions he doesn’t want to feel. And the sooner he can get her out of his house, the better.

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” Great read with interesting characters!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By S. Q.

I really enjoyed this short read! The characters are well developed and relatable, all with their own set of issues. Lookng forward to reading the next book in this series and watching the characters grow.

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