Sunrise of Every Dawn

Escape into a world where true loves tale exists and proves that ‘A pure heart can heal anything’ and that ‘A pure love connection can DO anything’.

Gabrielle Lake sets foot on what seems like an island of paradise. In one month, life seems to get a little bit more complicated as she lets her guard down for the first time and, at the tender age of seventeen, falls in love with Lucian Larsen, a resident of the island of Sri Lanka, only to have to return back to England. Tested through the hurdle of distance, fate plays its card to bring Gabriel and Lucian back together each time. Their friends and family enjoy the company of the couple’s unearthly aura, only to have them fall deeper and deeper in love. Whether it be on a hot air balloon ride above a safari park or the simplicity of camping near a serene lake, whether it be wooing one another with their composed song or dancing by themselves at a wedding, their affection for each other is always on display, but what happens in the scenario of life or death? A magical, heart-wrenching, beautiful tale that unfolds when these two worlds combine.