Sunshine and Secrets

by – Becki Willis (Author)

(The Sisters, Texas Mystery Series, Book 15) 

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Book Description:

Even a well-planned vacation can go astray…
With week-long plans at the beach, Brash deCordova makes it clear to his wife Madison: no snooping, no stirring up trouble, and absolutely no mysteries. This week is about resting, relaxing, and spending time with family.

They’re staying at The Mermaid’s Retreat on Bolivar Peninsula, where the upper Texas Coast promises sunshine, sand, and …secrets? There’s another guest at the inn, and it’s not the first time they’ve seen him. In seventy-degrees weather, his long coat and winter hat begs for Madison’s curious mind to do a little snooping.

Her curiosity uncovers a complex scheme almost twenty years in the making and inadvertently involves a new friend the teens have befriended.

Drawn into the dark underworld of industrial secrets, corporate spies, and an upcoming trial, before week’s end they’ll face guns, kidnappings, and the unknown dangers of a swampy bayou.

Back in The Sisters, Granny Bert and the self-proclaimed ‘Senior Division’ of In a Pinch Professional Service (aka The Geriatric Crew) take on a new client. When the temperamental Ella Getty proves to be almost too much for even her grandmother to handle, Madison helps solve yet another mystery when she gets back to The Sisters.
Another stand-alone addition to the best selling The Sisters, Texas Mystery Series.

From the award-winning author of thirty titles, including Keep Your Doors LockedForgotten Boxes and Plain Roots, it’s another stand-alone addition to the best selling The Sisters, Texas Mystery Series. FREE in Kindle Unlimited.

This series is best enjoyed as a full reading experience! Select titles are also available as Audiobooks.
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12- Murder Worth a Thousand Words
13-Superstitions and Apparitions
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15-Sunshine and Secrets
16-Play for Dollars, Play for Death

About the Author: Becki Willis

Best-selling author Becki Willis loves crafting stories with believable characters in believable situations. Many of her stories stem from her own travels and from personal experiences. (No worries; she’s never actually murdered anyone).

When she’s not plotting danger and adventure for her imaginary friends, Becki enjoys reading, antiquing—aka junking—unraveling a good mystery (real or imagined), dark chocolate, and a good cup of coffee. A professed history geek, Becki often weaves pieces of the past into her novels. Family is a central theme in her stories and in her life. She and her husband enjoy traveling, but believe coming home to their Texas ranch is the best part of any trip.

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