Best friends Rooster and Cat ramble down to the lagoon together every morning to practice their superpowers. One day, they meet Crab, Ray, and Shark who have characteristics very different from theirs. At first the two friends are frightened, but soon realize the other animals mean them no harm and have pretty special powers of their own.
In this colorful and beautifully illustrated book, children focus on identifying their own strengths, while also appreciating and respecting the strengths of others. Diversity, acceptance, friendship, and self-esteem prevail over fear!
Youngsters will learn about some amazing creatures–coconut crabs, black tip reef sharks, and spotted eagle rays. They live in and along the South Pacific Ocean, which surrounds Bora Bora in French Polynesia (a Society island along with Tahiti). Children will also be amazed that all of the animals’ awesome superpowers are actually true! More fun facts about these creatures are included after the story and provide additional educational value.
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“Beautifully written and illustrated!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Janelle B.

I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this book. The writing, the characters, the setting and the illustrations were fantastic. I also adore the message. Truley an ispiration for all ages!

About the Author

Alma Hammond writes children’s books inspired by travel with the themes of friendship, self-esteem, diversity and respect for nature. She was raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. In 1987 she moved to the Washington, DC area. There, she graduated from George Mason University with a B.A. degree in French Language and Literature. She married and had two children, Alex and Nick (now age 25 and 24). Alma and her family moved to Nepal from 1995 to 1997 to fulfill her husband’s two-year posting with the Foreign Service. Since then she has traveled extensively to other countries in Southeast Asia, Europe, French Polynesia, and the Caribbean. After completing a 17-year career in Information Technology consulting, she pursued her dream of writing. Alma currently lives with her new husband, Bob, two cats Violet and Daisy, and her dog Stazi in Bethesda, MD. She enjoys hot yoga, barre classes, spending time with friends and family, learning languages, as well as traveling to meet new inspirations for her children’s books.

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