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An AmiBeFit Fitness Journal

A 6-Month FITNESS Journal to help you on your Fitness Journey. Document all things fitness with this inspirational journal. A convenient place to keep track of weight, measurements, exercises, etc. There are even pages for notes each week.

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About the Author

About AmiLynn — AmiBeFit — AmiLynn’s love for fitness stems from many years of insecurity. Fitness has given her control over her body, control over her insecurities. More than that, fitness has given Ami her health—not only physically, but also mentally. She started working out eight years ago, never being fully engulfed in the idea. It wasn’t until she met her husband, Spencer, four years ago that she was able to see another side—the weightlifting side of fitness. It was love at first…deadlift?

One of her goals has been to become a sponsored athlete. That goal was finally met when Ryan, the founder of Functional Flex Fitness contacted her to represent their program—with them coaching her along the way, of course. Being a part of the Functional Flex Fitness family has been the exact coaching and support Ami needed to be able to continue working toward accomplishing all her fitness dreams.

Ami is a Quality Director by day, a proofreader by night, and a gym unicorn (rat) everywhere in between. Her desire to design Fitness Journals and Food Diaries is her way to help others in whatever small way she can, who are on their very own fitness journey.

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