Supersize Island

by – J.J. Walsh (Author)

Augie Brunthouse’s first day of work is not going well.

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Book Description:

Kill-crazy mercenaries, gargantuan monstrosities, and a “sixth sense” that may be a death wish in disguise. Augie Brunthouse’s first day of work is not going well.

It all started with Chuck Vestiglio’s exile and subsequent suicide on his private island, derisively dubbed “Supersize Island” by the press. Now the disgraced hamburger baron’s unhinged son has vowed to silence the family’s critics with a psychotic plot to grow beef better. Alas, his wildly illegal biotech experiments have gone wrong in a very BIG way. Somebody needs to look into it.

Enter Augie. He hasn’t cared about anything since his erratic precognition failed to warn him about the cancer that killed his mother. So it’s time for a fresh start – at Spiel Timmitel Corp. Augie doesn’t know what STC does, or why they’ve sent him a gazillion recruitment flyers. But they’re offering a huge salary and training in the Caribbean. Unfortunately, that training will turn out to be a shipwreck on Supersize Island. Cue the giant squirrel, parrot, and possum.

Reviews for the Book

"Die Hard meets bizarro Jurassic Park...A manic blend of laugh-out-loud comedy and heart-pounding action."
~Manhattan Book Review
"A satirical and utterly brilliant work of fiction with a cinematic feel."
~Reader's Favorite
"A hilarious, suspense-filled, unforgettable story!"
~San Francisco Book Review

About the Author: J.J. Walsh

J.J. Walsh is a novelist and owner of the San Francisco-based advertising agency, Iron Creative Communication. His debut novel, “The Chowderhead Crusades,” is an Amazon Best Seller, and he’s won a bunch of awards you probably don’t care about. But if you like science fiction, action movies, and/or jokes, you’ll like his books. He lives in San Francisco with his wife, two boys, and their Labrador Retriever.

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