Surviving Cancer: Our Voices & Choices by Marion R Behr

“Marion Behr has assembled a wonderful collection of pieces that represent a true “collaboration” among many voices, all of whom have a stake in the treatment of breast cancer. The juxtaposition of these voices is unique to this book, and gives the book an alluring rhythm, wherein patient experiences, written from many points of view,…

51KqyNx7AFL._SX396_BO1,204,203,200_“Marion Behr has assembled a wonderful collection of pieces that represent a true “collaboration” among many voices, all of whom have a stake in the treatment of breast cancer. The juxtaposition of these voices is unique to this book, and gives the book an alluring rhythm, wherein patient experiences, written from many points of view, stand in counterpoint to reasoned and authoritative medical commentary from health care professionals whose viewpoints are no less varied. As a result, there is something for everyone here- patient, spouse, sibling, child, doctor, nurse- any interested party will find something of interest, and will find it thoughtfully and well-written, regardless of style. The personal pieces are heartfelt, and more importantly, the thoughts submitted by health professionals are superbly crafted, accurate, and at times deeply personal. The book stands as a reflection and a reminder of the tremendous privilege we have as health care professionals in our daily work.” Kevin R. Fox, MD MacDonald Professor of Medicine Medical Director, Rena Rowan Breast Center Abramson Cancer Center University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine No discount from price. 20% of profits go to cancer charity.

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“This book is wonderful!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Amy Taylor

I was fortunate enough to see a preview copy of this book and couldn’t be happier with the results. Marion Behr has assembled incredibly useful information for those who have recently been diagnosed with cancer and has managed to put it all together in a format that is both easy and interesting to read.

She shares stories from dozens of survivors from various racial and demographic backgrounds and physicians who specialize in the treatment of cancer victims, as well as from organizations that provide support. And she has intermingled it with stunning photography of sculpture that she created after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

This was a much needed publication that will, hopefully, ease the transition of many others who face cancer.

About the Author

Experienced publisher, writer and artist. Compiler of Surviving Cancer: Our Voices & Choices and owner of WWH Press LLC.

Created first national survey of women working from home in 1970’s. After receiving thousands of responses from women, originated the concept of “Homebased Business” as opposed to “cottage industry”, formed “Women Working Home Inc”. with Wendy Lazar, a co graduate from Syracuse , we co-authored two editions of “Women Working Home The Homebased Business Guide and Directory” and sold fifty thousand copies. Received a Presidential Appointment to The White House Conference on Small Business. My presentations to the US Labor Department and Senate helped to change laws on home based businesses. This effort was publicized via interviews in major magazines, TV shows including Donahue, AM Americas, Good Morning America etc. and lectures in many universities. After eight years returned to the studio, enjoyed etching but became ill from over exposures to acid fumes. So my husband and I co-invented a non toxic etching process, which replaces acid but incorporates all the traditional etching methods. This process, ( awarded a Charles Lindbergh Grant Foundation grant) patented as Electroetch, ( is now in many universities including Stanford, Juneau, Fairbanks and Syracuse and in studios internationally. We have taught this method in Canada, Alaska, Germany, Morocco, New Zealand, etc. My artwork, has been widely exhibited, in the US and abroad. One person shows include ICPNA in Lima, Peru and a show of prints and sculptures commemorating 9/11. Prints are in the collections of the US Embassy in Berlin, the Smithsonian, The Royal Thai Collection and the Ben Shaan Gallery. Have been designated NJ Artist of the Month. Am listed in Marquis Who’s Who in the World.
Involved in sculpting and painting and am running an art only blog ( Goal of this blog is to establish text free communication by using drawing as an international language..

Behr, Marion. Surviving Cancer: Our Voices & Choices.
The story of cancer is as individual as the person relating it. Artist and breast cancer survivor Behr here includes anecdotes from patients and recommendations from physicians and medical professionals in order to provide comfort and knowledge for those on the same journey. The plastic cradles used to immobilize patients during radiation therapy serve as Behr’s inspiration and the source of the book’s artwork. With questions patients and family members should be asking (and their answers) and a useful glossary. ¬VERDICT Beautifully designed, a worthwhile addition to patient health holdings.

Specialties:Publishing, Writing, drawing, painting, sculpting, teaching.
Recent Drawing/Sculpture Shows: Linear Vernacular: The Language of Line”(Virginia S. Block Gallery, 2012, 4person show at the Printmaking Center of N.J.- , 2012: The Continuous Thread- Mind Unwind Gallery – Seattle, Washington (3artists from East coast-3 from West) Solo shows , “Cradle Life: Cancel Cancer” ,Meade Gallery,Roxbury N.Y., 2012: “Image Early”The Center for Contemporary Art. 2009, National Ass.Women Artists,


  1. Surviving Cancer: Our Voices & Choices is no longer new. However, we are still, very frequently, hearing from patients and survivors, telling us about the difference our book is making, either for the patient, a family member, or a friend. So, we are still trying to help as many cancer patients, mainly breast, male and female, as possible. Presently, under New
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