The SWAP Process is the easy way to move from “stuck in a rut” to “dreams come true.” Imagine if everything in your life were to be perfect – what would that be like? You’d sleep like a dormouse, your career would leap ahead, your earnings would go off the richter scale, your relationships would be loving and happy – you would be in sync with the world. Such a life does not have to exist only in the realms of fantasy. Your dreams can come true. You can make your life the way you want it to be.

The SWAP Process is, in many respects, the story of how the author has coached thousands of people to release themselves from their inhibitions and achieve what is important to them. Twenty five years of coaching experience has gone into developing this unique path to a happy, fulfilling and rewarding life. Fundamental to the process is the knowledge that when it comes to achieving what you want in life dreams are far more motivating than goals. Then, once you have the motivation, it provides a provenly effective way to move past your doubts so that you can achieve what you desire.

When it comes to making your dreams come true the issue is not your lack of ability – what really hinders you are the barriers that you place across your own path – your limiting beliefs, fears and past history. These prevent you from making progress just as effectively as the disc brakes on your motor car. Ask yourself these questions: “do you have a really clear, detailed picture of how you would like your life to be? Have you developed an exciting way of making your dream come true? Do you have an effective way of overcoming your anxieties and limiting beliefs? Is your attitude as positive as the achievers you know? Are you chiselling away day after day at the Big Idea that will make your dream come true?”

If you answered “no” to any of the questions above the time has come to start making progress. The SWAP Process will make your dream glow like a magnetic flame that will light the path to your personal nirvana. It will enable you to overcome your inhibitions and hurdle your barriers so that you can experience the wonder of feeling happy and fulfilled every day.

Built into the SWAP Process are a number of hypnotic suggestions that will smooth your path, make it easy for you to make your dreams to come true.
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Short, simple and perfectly structured.”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Clare Evans

This a great little book, quick and easy to read and full of powerful ideas that will challenge and inspire you. The book refers to many strategies, philosophies and self-development techniques all neatly laid out, clearly explained and with practical ways you can apply them to your own life. Inspiring and motivating quotes at the beginning of each chapter underline the ideas and stories that follow, along with the steps to put them into practice. Although short, take the time to put each step into practice as it leads you through chapter by chapter.

A great read if you’re interested in self-development and want to benefit from David’s years of knowledge and experience in creating the changes you want for you life.

About the Author

David Ferrers was born in Reigate, England. His first school was St. George’s College, Zimbabwe. He lived in Zambia (birthplace of Wilbur Smith) until he was eleven. Then he was sent to Downside School in England. He completed his studies at Grenoble University, France.

The early years of his career were spent working in multi-national Advertising Agencies in England and Hong Kong. He ran a Marketing Agency for several years. He became a Personal Development and Leadership Coach in 1991. He has coached senior managers in a multitude of multinational companies including: General Motors, Xerox, Yves St.Laurent, P&O and Elsevier.

David is known for the innovative and highly effective thinking that made him a top marketing executive. David’s core beliefs are that there is a leader inside of every human being, that you already know the answer, that you should love, honour and obey your hunches, and that you can achieve more than you ever dared imagine possible.

David’ first book was published in 2011. His personal development books Ignite Your Inner Leader, A Journey of Self-Discovery and The Achievers will help you unlock your potential and maximise your performance. His Novel The Hero of Hastings is loosely based on his relative Henry de Ferriers who came to England in the year 1066 with William The Conqueror.

“David is a most astute and exceptionally motivating coach with great personal and professional integrity.” Lucian Hudson, Director of Communications, The Open University.

“I have learned to view things differently, and also to be myself rather than a dictator which is an enormous help. THANK YOU.” Jamie Smith-Thompson, MD, Portal Financial

“David draws on deep personal and professional experience to provide unerringly insightful analysis and advice.” Matt Bye, Head of Development and Architecture at Business Monitor

“I am deeply impressed by the level of humility combined with deep competence that he brings to his work.” Gene Early

David has now embarked on a series of novels based loosely on the history of his family who came to England with William the Conqueror in the year 1066.

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