Beneath the magical world of Tahr, an ageless evil feeds and breeds, plotting its exodus from the fiery eternal prisons of Fury. The divided kingdoms of Tahr, mired in political rivalries, fail to recognize the threat until it is far too late.

As a once tranquil world begins to weather cataclysms of epic proportion, four young champions emerge from the races and reaches of Tahr, drawn together by destiny and divination. When the courage of an innocent few is tested against the ancient hatreds that separate mankind, valor will not be enough – only the greatest magics will offer hope, for the Hand of Disorder wields a terrible power of his own.

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About the Author

Sean Hinn is the father of three amazing teenage children (Joey, Sean, and Bella) and the loyal and obedient subject of Her Most Royal Highness, Emily.  Sean’s background is in marketing and sales in a variety of industries, and he has been involved in several ridiculously unsuccessful business ventures.  In addition to aborted attempts at becoming a musician, pilot, PR exec, and professional poker player, Sean also once had a pencil eraser stuck in his ear for seven years.  Finally coming to terms with the fact that his primary skill in life is in making things up as he goes, Sean decided in 2016 to begin writing fiction.

Sean enjoys playing his guitar, sitting in recliners reading thick, heavy fantasy books, and drinking slightly too much bourbon at family functions.

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  1. I read books 1-4 of The Days of Ash and Fury. Is there a book 5 of the series? I can’t seem to find it. Please help. Thanks

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