chiiniseT’ai Chi Grandmaster Kuo Yun San leaves mainland China for what he thinks is the last time, creating a new life for himself,opening a T’ai Chi school in New York City and reconnecting with his Asian American family in Chinatown. He was once rumored to have been the bodyguard of Madame Chiang Kai Shek.

Nevertheless, the city of New York in the 1960’s is a very different place from the one he visited in past decades and he’s surprised by the level of social inrest and violence he encounters. The Master trades one Cultural Revolution for another, struggling to adapt to a new homeland in which societal changes are taking place.

Hippie students from broken homes flock to his studio in an effort to extract some wisdom and meaning from his teaching into their lives.

Follow the adventures of Master Kuo and his students as seen through the eyes of his young nephew Paul Chen, who shares them side by side with the Master, growing up in an American culture still rampant with hostility towards minorities, not excluding it’s Asian population.

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