Take Another Chance

Can they overcome the hurt? Will Doug’s past ruin his future chances with Grace?
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Grace Adams is loving life as a high school drama teacher and mother of two teen girls when her husband suddenly divorces her to chase Barbie dolls at the beach. As menopause beckons, Grace is left to wonder whether love has passed her by… Doug Saunders is an alpha male cop, a knight in shining Kevlar despite his fifty years, yet haunted by his failure to raise a troubled teen son from a botched relationship. He’s a hero on the streets, no doubt, but is he a deadbeat at love? When Grace and Doug meet, sparks fly well over the speed limit in this steamy yet sweet romance about two aging lovebirds who aren’t quite ready to give up on second chances… Contemporary romance novelist Pat Adeff writes in a fun, perky prose style reminiscent of your favorite vintage rom com, yet with a longing and depth of feeling that’s bound to hit home with readers who may be older and wiser, but still have a pulse. So break out the popcorn, chardonnay and handcuffs for this cop romance that will have your heart beating faster than a 211 in progress!

-- Richard Davis
Book Description:

She finds herself raising two daughters – alone.
He’s a police officer and a confirmed bachelor.
Then their paths cross…

After being blindsided by her husband’s demand for a divorce, Grace vows that raising her older teenage daughters must come first. So, she throws herself into her teaching job and puts romance on the back burner. Heck, it leaves the building entirely – until a few years later when Doug enters her life.

He’s a local bachelor by day and heroic police officer by night. He finds himself being drawn to the soft-spoken single mother. Grace’s quiet strength attracts him as much as her apparent self-blindness to her own womanly beauty.

Then unexpected circumstances in both their lives throw up roadblocks to their growing romance.

Can they overcome the hurt? Will Doug’s past ruin his future chances with Grace?

Do they dare take another chance at love?

Enjoy this feel-good binge-worthy tale of love, redemption, and hope.

Buy Take Another Chance to get all the emotional feel-good-factors with a second chance for love.

Early Reviews:

“I absolutely loved reading this book! It has situations where the reader can relate 100%. Not to mention the originality and deeply emotional writing style as well as the depth of the characters. I would sincerely recommend this to anyone who loves to read a slice of life or romantic books where there is character development as well!” L.M.

“This was a very good read! I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good knight-in-shining-armor type romance. I wasn’t ready for it to end.” E.B.

“This is a sweet love story with a compelling plot line and memorable characters. A light and enjoyable read, set in and around Orange County and the Inland Empire cities of Southern California.” D.S.

“If you like true to life, emotional, humorous, heartwarming, steamy (without being smutty) stories then this is the one for you. It’s beautifully written. I loved it!” KCL

Take Another Chance is Book 1 in the “Second Chances DO Happen Series.”

The next four books are being released in 2022:

Mahi-Mahi Matrimony
The Romance Writer and the Geek
Doctor’s Orders
In His Arms

If you like authors Nicole Ellis, Kay Correll, Elana Johnson, or Hope Holloway, you’ll like Take Another Chance.

Pat Adeff (Author)
Pat Adeff writes sweet romances about second chances – with just a hint of spice! She’s also written several laugh-out-loud comedies which have been produced in theaters from California to New York. She loves writing, reading, and cooking. If you sign up for her newsletter, you’ll probably find a few of her favorite recipes attached. Pat is an incurable romantic and definitely believes in second chances and happily ever afters. In fact, several years ago she found her own second chance! She and her composer husband recently moved from NYC to Largo, FL and are enjoying the sunshine! https://www.patadeff.com
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