61OpbxX0aQL._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_Three steamy menage stories in one bundle. Welcome to Morgan’s Bakery, where tasty treats are sold one at a time and hot guys come in groups of three!

Take Three, Please: For months, Morgan has been flirting with a trio of handsome customers, local gym owners Brandon, Ethan and Mark. She knows they’re interested in her, but none of them steps forward and makes the first move.

Morgan would do it herself, if it weren’t for one annoying problem — she can’t choose between them! What woman could?

When the day finally arrives that brawny Brandon asks her out, she’s thrilled. Yet she can’t help regretting the loss of his two friends. Morgan thinks she’s prepared to settle for one. The men in her life think differently. Very differently. In fact, they’re hoping she’ll take three.

Three for Cici: Surly Cecile’s ready to settle for Morgan’s leftovers until a tempting trio arrives in the neighborhood. Cecile acknowledges the newcomers are sexy, but doubts any one of them is the right match for her.

Hunky lawyers Charles, Kevin, and Dane desire Cecile from the moment they spot her. The men have been best friends since college, but that won’t stop them from jostling for the lovely Cecile’s affections.

The competition is on for the lady’s favor, making it tough for Cecile to choose between her suitors. She isn’t sure she can do it … maybe she won’t have to.

Jackie’s Triple Play: Jackie believes the universe has sent her a sign when she discovers what her secretive friends, Morgan and Cecile, have been doing with their trios of hot suitors. When she crashes her car into a tree and the accident is investigated by three of the sexiest patrol cops in the city, Jackie is certain she’s meant to follow in her friends’ unconventional footsteps.

Unlucky in love, Officers Gil, Quincy and Liam have sworn off dating. Cute and quirky Jackie makes them reconsider that decision, and they believe she’ll soon choose one of them for her own.

But Jackie has no intention of singling out one hot cop. With the universe on her side, she’ll settle for nothing less than the perfect triple play.

These stories contain explicit language and sizzling scenes only suitable for adults.

This collection also contains a free bonus story!

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Five Star Review on Amazon By Bibs

Super book, fast read, loved it.

About the Author

Anwen writes daring, sensual tales for adventurous spirits. She prefers heroines who actively pursue what they want, and heroes who want to fulfill their ladies’ dreams. No wilting, helpless virgins in these stories, unless the heroine is pretending to be one for fun.

She writes sexy romance, paranormal/fantasy and erotica. She has also written a BDSM erotic romance series, “The Power to Please,” under the name Deena Ward.

When Anwen’s not tapping away on her laptop, she enjoys hiking near her home with her favorite canine companion and hanging at the local coffee shop with friends and family.

She lives in the USA.

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