Taken by the Boss

by – Camela Kaye (Author)

 Enemies to Lovers Romance 

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Book Description:

I never wanted to be Bryan’s secretary. He only kept me as such out of spite because of what I said behind his back. He deserved it, though. Now I’m getting mushy over an apology that’s come years too late. And when I look up, I realize he’s standing so close to me that if I stand on my tippy toes, our lips will touch. I’m scared he’ll betray my heart again. I remind myself how I hated him since what he did to me back in High School. But frolicking with other girls to keep up his bad boy image may have just been a show. He’s confessing he always had eyes for me but was too scared to make it a reality…until now.

Reviews for the Book

Camela Kaye has written a 5-star book. This is the story of Susan and Bryan. Bryan is Susan's brother Alex's friend and she has him find out if Bryan has any job openings since she needs a job. She gets a job at Bryan's company and she hopes that she can stay away from Bryan. He hurt her back in high school and now she doesn't like him. They don't get along and she lets him know that she doesn't like him now and all she wants is to do her job. She likes her job and for a while gets along with her co-workers until things happen and she has words with one of her co-workers. Things go from bad to worse when Bryan's assistant goes on leave since she is pregnant and having problems. Bryan needs a new assistant and has HR find him one from his employees. Most of his employees refuse the job. Susan gets the position and she is not happy about it. When she goes up to Bryan's office, he lets her have it and is not very nice to her. He calls HR and tells them to find him someone else. They tell him that she is perfect for the job and she is his new assistant. Bryan is not happy with the way things have turned out and lets it be known to Susan. Bryan goes to have dinner with his parents and is shocked when Evelyn shows up. He had not seen her since high school. They had been together but she broke up with him. Things happen and they get back together. Even with him being with Evelyn, he can't get Susan out of his mind. He treats Susan badly at work, making her do all kinds of crazy things. They have an employee picnic and she wants to enjoy it but Bryan is there with Evelyn and he makes Susan get things for Evelyn the whole time. Susan has had enough and when she sees Bryan again, she lets him have it over the way he is treating her. She tells him that just because he is not happy with Evelyn, he didn't get to take it out on her. Bryan knows she is right and he needs to do something about it. He takes Evelyn out for dinner and tells her that they are not working. She tells him that she knows that they belong together but he tells her that he feels nothing for her. When he sees Susan again, he asked her to go to dinner with him. She thinks it is for business but it isn't. Over dinner, they find they have more in common than they thought. They start seeing each other but Susan is worried by what her brother Alex would say. When Bryan told Alex about him being with Susan, Alex gets mad. Alex knows how Bryan is and thinks he is just using Susan. He tells Bryan to stay away from her so she doesn't get hurt by him.
Bryan thinks about what Alex told him and thinks that he is right and calls Susan and tells her that he thinks they need time apart.
Will Susan and Bryan work things out and get back together?
This was a wonderful book and I would recommend it to anyone.
I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.
- Angela Barnes

About the Author: Camela Kaye

Camela Kaye is best known for her contemporary romance style that’s sexy, feel good and witty. A graduate of ASU as well as a Masters Degree in Organizational Management, Camela loves to travel and considers herself to be a global citizen. She also loves mountain biking and cliff jumping. She’d love to give you a FREE book today!

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