War in Barria isn’t anything new. The tribes on the vast island country have been battling each other for decades, but this time is different. A leader has learned how to power his spells without ageing, the normal cost of casting magic.

Headmaster Theodore Flax from Torr University of Magic has seen it for himself and knows once the leader has consolidated power in his own country his eye will turn west. He urgently needs to find Talented before war comes to them all.

Sixteen-year-old Shaylin is about to become embroiled in the conflict. Home, for as long as she can remember, has always been Trader One, a merchant vessel run by Captain Trell. The crew are her family, and the Captain and First Officer have been like fathers to her. She already has the most dangerous job on the high seas. Throw a God and pirates into the mix, and Shaylin’s life is about to get very interesting…

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