A young mute girl living in an impoverished neighborhood discovers that a brother who is new to selling drugs is walking into a trap which will get him killed. Can her love and a “twist of fate,” save his life and help him change his ways? A detective loses his daughter. Believing in an afterlife, he discovers that an unseen force is preventing her from entering the hereafter. Can a “twist of fate,” help him save his departed daughter’s soul? An abused cat sets out to get revenge on its drunken racist owner, only to discover that the owner is out to murder a black child. Can a “twist of fate,” help this furry avenger stop the owner evil intent? A captured cockroach is tortured by two children. It turns the tables on them, but things really get interesting when it discovers that they are being tortured by their parents, and the cockroach sets out to make things right.

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