Seeing ghosts has plagued Dumdie Swartz since early childhood.

Afraid that ghost guts might stick to her if she stepped through them, thirteen-year-old Dumdie Swartz still cringes when she encounters them.

Her strange attempts to avoid spirits create a lonely life.

Her sisters constantly mock her strange behavior, her parents are clueless, and her social life is zero. Dumdie finds solace working in a shared garden with her elderly neighbor, Mr. Carson. When teens from her high school steal pumpkins from his garden, Mr. Carson is hurt during the theft, and later, dies.

Dumdie’s life takes a dark turn.

She learns there are stranger things than ghosts, when she senses something evil living in Kyle, one of the boys who had raided the pumpkin patch. Kyle bullies Dumdie to scare her into silence. The more Kyle threatens her, the clearer she perceives the evil thing possessing him. Dumdie finds support in an unlikely group of girls who befriend her when she helps them with their costumes for the Pumpkin festival. During the festival, Dumdie’s fears explode when the thing possessing Kyle decides it wants to possess her.

This supernatural short story is the prequel to The Ghost in the Closet. Read about Dumdie, young and old.
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Five Star Review on Amazon By Owen Robinson

Dolores “Dumdie” Swartz is afraid of ghosts. Which is a perfectly reasonable, albeit somewhat irrational fear. The problem is, for Dumdie, it is perfectly rational, because she can actually see ghosts. When Dumdie witnesses bullies from her school steal pumpkins from her neighbor, Mr Carson (who later dies due to injuries from the robbery), she is forced to keep quiet by one of those bullies, Kyle. But Kyle is no ordinary bully; he is possessed by some malevolent force, determined to take Dumdie for itself.

This is a short story written by M K Theodoratus, which is a prequel to another short story of hers, The Ghost In The Closet. It is a very quick read, but it is entertaining, nonetheless. Wrapped in the outer layer of a spooky ghost story, it is more of a coming of age story for Dumdie, and showing how she starts to grow up and mature during the story, and ultimately facing her fears. But, while I know that it was just supposed to be a short story, I would have really liked if I could have got a little more of the story fleshed out. I enjoy the character of Dumdie, and wanted to read more. There is another story with the same character, but it is set when she is older, and I would rather read more of younger Dumdie.

All in all, it was definitely worth the price of admission. I think I just might grab the other Dumdie story, and see if I enjoy it as much.

About the Author

A Northern California gal, M. K. Theodoratus has been intrigued by fantasy since she discovered the Oz books. She has traveled through many fantasy worlds since then. When she’s not disappearing into other writer’s worlds, she’s creating her own alternative worlds — that of Andor where demons of many forms stalk humans and that of the Far Isle Half-Elven where she explores the social and political implications of genetic drift on a hybrid elf/human people.

A sixth grade English assignment introduced her to story writing. The teacher asked for a short story. She got an incomplete, 25-page Nancy Drew pastiche which turned into a novel the next summer. Theodoratus has been addicted to writing stories happily ever after. Though I have several novels sitting in my computer waiting to be edited, I find I prefer to write long short stories or what Kindle calls, “short reads”.

Visit my author website for story snippets and/or sample chapters of works in progress at As for social media, I can be found at my blog, Lessons from My Reading, and on Facebook [], Twitter, GoodReads, and Goggle+.

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