Tales of the Yum Yum Monster Book 1 is an original story by Author Frank Lucero. There’s a monster who some have said steals the dreams of small children while they’re asleep. Book 1 will tell you the origin of the monster as well as many of the characters associated with the tale. You’ll also read several short stories surrounding the Monster from Yumne. Return of the Monster, Village of Yumne, Across the Water, The Angel’s Cave, The Sword of Igul and Pirates and Captain Cuetzcorro Pido are some of the stories in Book 1.
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About the Author

Frank Lucero was born 1958 in Los Angeles Ca and raised in the City of La Puente.
Started writing professionally in 2001 for Trip Sheet Magazine in Las Vegas. Frank also drove a taxi for 10 years in Las Vegas and many of his short stories were written from “behind the wheel”.
Lives in Las Vegas NV

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