“How to Talk With Spirits: Séances•Mediums•Ghost Hunts” is an informative and practical guide to an unusual and often, unacceptable subject. In it, questions from the curious living about communicating with the dead are answered. Learn how to conduct a séance, take ghost hunts, and avoid vampire entities. Read about the author’s most memorable ghost encounters and hauntings by murder victims.

At nineteen, June Ahern, author, of “How To Talk With Spirits: Séances, Mediums, Ghost Hunts” was in a horrific automobile accident. Thrown through the windshield, she had a near death experience (NDE.) It changed her life forever. For quite a few years, she couldn’t talk about what she saw on the ‘other side.’ Then she learned there were others with similar experiences. A survey in US News & World Report of March 1997 reported 15 million people experienced NDE.

After her NDE was a scary, confusing time. June envisioned events yet to happen. The dead visited her. More than forty years later, she continues to have psychic visions and visits from the dead. While skeptics deny the existence of ghosts and spirit communication claiming there’s no real evidence, polls and surveys show the public strongly disagrees. A 2005 Huffpost poll reported forty-five percent of Americans believed in ghosts or the spirits of the dead and that they can come back in certain places and situations. In a nationwide random survey, 808 adults were asked if they believed in life after death. Seventy-eight percent responded yes. More than one in five Americans said they had seen a ghost themselves, or have felt themselves in the presence of one.

As in her consumer’s guide, “The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading”, June offers practical and useful advice about the paranormal world. In this book, she talks about the personal challenges of being a psychic/medium. June discusses the many spirits and vampire entities she’s met during her life. She reveals the murder victims who haunted her and her work with the police. One chapter answers the most asked questions from the curious living about spirits, ghost hunts and psychic abilities. She advises how to safely communicate with the dead, when it is the right time to communicate, and when it’s time to stop. Her information helps readers decide whether to communicate through a medium or solo. There are also pointers on how to conduct a séance and ghost hunt. Readers can learn more about their own psychic abilities with June’s ESP Quiz.

Talking to the dead appears easy for June Ahern, as seen in her paranormal ghost walk videos. “It’s easy as talking to living people”, she says, “but it can be scary too.” By the end of the book you will decide if you want to communicate with the dead or leave well enough alone.

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“Fascinating and informative!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Ldancingcat

This is an eye opening and fun book for anyone interested in communication with spirits. June tells some fascinating stories about her journey as a medium and gives great advice about how to communicate with spirits safely. There is a nice question and answer section where June answers common questions people have about ghosts and spirits and there is even a fun quiz at the end to see what kind of psychic abilities you have.

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